Mark Doyle



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Home is Where the Hot Water is, cast concrete wall installation, 2014.

Municipal Strata (detail), plaster cast wall installation, 2015.

Element, relief printed photopolymer, 2014.

Circuit 1 (detail), blind embossing, 2015.

Code 1, relief printed photopolymer, 2015.

Forest of Febris (detail), jesmonite and plaster, 2015.


As a mixed media artist I work in a range of disciplines from printmaking and sculptural techniques to digital processes. In recent years I have developed an interest in the potential of print to be viewed not just as an image but also as a tactile, three dimensional form in its own right. This has encouraged me to experiment with sculptural processes in conjunction with image-making and my work often seeks to highlight the interplay between these two fundamental modes of expression.

I work with a variety of printmaking techniques and view many of these methods as essentially mould-making processes, in which the final print is in essence a cast of the original plate. My sculptural work is an extension of this process and I often collage both found objects and hand made forms using mould-making and casting techniques. The selection and design of these objects is central to the concept of my finished work and through my process I seek to modify these original shapes into altered forms that retain the familiarity of their source but also suggest an element of flux and transition. Pattern and the repetition of motifs is another key feature in my recent work, the contrast between regimented arrangements and more organic component elements is something that I am interested in exploring, as is the use of non-traditional materials that suggest certain associations with the subject matter.

The parallels between sculptural and printmaking processes have encouraged me to have a broader approach to the possibilities of what can be considered print. This has been the underlying approach to my current practise and one which has inspired my interest in the interplay between image and object and how this can be used to communicate ideas to a viewer.


Mark Doyle is a mixed-media artist living and working in Edinburgh. Graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 2005, he received a first-class degree in painting, as well as a number of awards, such as the Andrew Grant Bequest and the George Jackson Hutchison Memorial Prize.

Since setting up his Edinburgh studio he has worked on a number of personal print and installation projects, collaborated on book projects with writer Kenneth Araya and produced print editions in collaboration with poet nick-e melville. Recent residencies include 'Off the Grid Project' in 2014 working alongside anthropologists from the University of Edinburgh and an ASCUS residency at the Centre of Immunity, Infection and Evolution, culminating in the exhibition 'Transmissions' at Summerhall as part of Edinburgh International Science Festival.

Doyle was the recipient of a Creative Scotland Artists Bursary at the start of 2014 and in 2015 was awarded the Lily MacDougal Award at VAS:T. His work 'Home is Where the Hot Water' is was shortlisted for the Mostyn Open in Llandudno, Wales, and his installation piece 'Municipal Strata', created in response to Edinburgh's derelict street lighting depot on King's Stables Road, was selected to feature in the Hidden Door Festival. He has also exhibited in various galleries in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London and is represented in a number of private collections.


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