Mark Osborne



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135, Photography, 81x63x3.5 cm

144, Photography, 81x63x3.5 cm

138, Photography, 81x63x3.5 cm

125, Photography, 139x104x10 cm

142, Photography, 63x81x3.5 cm

141, Photography, 81x63x3.5 cm


My work explores abstraction in photography through the use of light, form, space and time - challenging the traditional notion that the photograph represents reality. An interest in discourse surrounding metamodernism influences my work, as does the modernist rejection of representational practices and the pursuit of pure abstraction. My intention is to question the ‘truthfulness’ of photography, to create images with ambiguous representation and to create an abstract experience.

Each work is created in the studio; sculptural constructions and meticulously controlled studio lighting are used to build an installation to be photographed. The constructions only live within the time-lapse of one recorded frame. I strive to create a photograph that requires minimal post-production manipulation.

I have set out to reduce the world that is around me, abstracting the relationships between the objects that occupy the fictional space around them. I see the relationship of history, time, space and form as the fundamental idea of both photography and human existence. The works are a result of my experiences of negotiating this fictional space, having the visualisation of a purposely-built space, and creating a hyper-sense of the objects that occupy it. I am testing the boundaries of three-dimension and two-dimension within the photographic surface.


Mark Osborne's art explores time, space, light and form in photography.

In the studio Mark creates installations. These temporary sculptural constructions made from common materials are photographed using controlled lighting to produce images that are familiar yet fictional and anonymous.

By playing with the dimensional qualities of the photographic surface and opening up visual depth to the viewer, his work asks questions of what is being seen, how things might appear and how we negotiate, interpret and give meaning.

Utilising various techniques and skills in the production of his work including darkroom, analogue and digital photography, Mark's large-scale works highlight the presence of the photograph as a physical object in the digital era.

Mark graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a BA Hons in Fine Art Photography. He is based in Scotland and exhibits nationally and internationally.tion and highlight the idea of photography being an object within the digital era. His images play with the dimensional qualities of the photographic surface, opening a visual depth to the viewer and asking questions of what is being seen, how things might appear, how we negotiate, interpret and give meaning.


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