Martin Nelson



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This Is All Greek To Me 300 x 150cm 56 individual 600 micron PVC screen printed panels September 2008

Nine to Zero and Back Again 30x30x10cm 10 individual 10mm clear acrylic forms and mirror glass July 2008

ASCII – Opus # One 'A' 75x75cm Screenprint on 600 micron PVC mounted on wood April 2010

Polybius Revisited Size variable Light projection through three screens September 2009

Trigraph Opus # Two 30x30cm Screenprint on 10mm Rigid PVC August 2010


While the parts make up the whole, the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.
This is how I have come to view my work, always looking for the whole whilst working with the many. For me the many manifests itself out of a sense of process. This process seems to be the active ingredient in my work whether three or two-dimensional, the boundaries between both are indistinguishable as one feeds the other. However, there comes a point within the process when things seem to take on a life of their own and the stronger medium will surface. That's not to say it's a struggle; printmaking versus sculpture. It's more about finding the best way to convey my idea of what the work is saying.
Much of my work stems out of a basic understanding of both mathematics and geometry, coupled with a curiosity to see something that is not necessarily obvious to the viewer or indeed a mathematician. A square, a circle, for me they are the ultimate in geometric shapes. The appearance in the underlying geometry of the squared circle echoes or symbolises the "dialogue" between the Heavens and the Earth, the Infinite and the Finite.
By using the language of printmaking as the vehicle to convey my ideas I have been able to explore and suggest factors of time, movement and space. This in conjunction with the very vibrant colour values of the late 1960's psychedelic movement is guiding me in finding new and inspiring avenues into my art practice be it sculpture or printmaking.


Born 1948, London
Lives and works in North East Scotland
Managing Director D.E.N.A. Screenprint Limited, Aberdeen
2007 BA (Hons) Sculpture, Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen
2008 MFA Fine Art, Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen