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I find my inspiration in wild landscape - the landscape of mountains, where geological time manifests itself in gigantic landforms; the landscape of the edge, where land meets water; and the landscape of memory – an intangible, elusive, yet powerful melting pot of images and ideas.

The impermanence of these landscapes is of paramount interest – rocks that seem solid are constantly engaged in the process of reformation. Insignificant human marks – rust, cracks, scratched graffiti, distressed surfaces and torn edges – all contribute to a layered interplay and re-invention.


After completing a first degree in geography with geology, I spent most of my career working with young people both in formal education, and in community arts. Over 25 years, this led me to a range of activities both in Scotland and internationally, including, amongst others, the Commonwealth institute, Glasgow City of Culture 1990, and Millennium celebrations in Edinburgh. I am now teaching art in a school for young autistic people, while also developing my career as an artist in my own right.


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