Michaela McManus

Website: http://www.michaelamcmanusartist.com

Email: michaelamcmanusartist@gmail.com

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'A Door', Inkjet Print with Acrylic, Bleach and Chalk, 60cm x 84cm, 2018

'Untitled 2', Inkjet Print with Acrylic and Domestic Bleach, 60cm x 84cm, 2018

'Untitled 6', Inkjet Print with Acrylic and Ink, 42cm x 59cm, 2018

'Gesture', Inkjet Print with Acrylic, 60cm x 84cm, 2018

Untitled, Inkjet Print, 60cm x 84cm, 2019


Michaela McManus's practice explores both personal memory and wider themes concerning the artifice and fragmentation of our post-modern, post-net era. Rooted in the relationship between the inaccessible and the non-existent, she uses the imagined landscape to represent the psychological space where memories are retraced. Contemplating our exposure to the reproduced image, she investigates the photograph as a prompt for recollection and the relationship between the gestural painting mark and the graphic image. By using the photograph’s material relation to time, the medium of collage allows her to create imagery through a process of isolation, as well as using film and sound to challenge the role of technology in modern memory and archiving.


Michaela McManus is a visual artist based in Glasgow. She recently received her BA(Hons) in Painting & Printmaking from Glasgow School of Art. Her practice takes an interdisciplinary route spanning across painting, printmaking, installation, video and sound. Ideas surrounding archiving and collective memory in relation to materiality are central to her work.