Michael Worobec

Website: http://www.worobec.co.uk

Email: worobec@mac.com

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Jungle Afro, Acrylic, oil and spray paint on canvas. 76 x 76 cm - £780

Power Afro, Acrylic, oil and spray paint on canvas. 61 x 61 cm - £695

Shout - Oil on Canvas 152 x 122 cm - £1490

Savoire Faire - Oil on Canvas 101 x 76 cm - £790

Women in an orange dress - Oil on Canvas 101 x 76 cm

Blue Afro, Acrylic, oil and spray paint on canvas. 76 x 76 cm - £780


My work is inspired by strongly held thoughts on society, politics and gender, structures and tribes. My earlier Abstract paintings held testament to this as I immersed myself in the biological and geometric spaces and repeats that represented and evoked the psychological and genetic blueprints that brought about our creation and existence.

Patriarchy and the injustices of male power are a particular drive for me. The dogma of religion towards sexuality and gender orchestrated and effectively managed by men. Race adds to this mix and the recent Afro series are totems of quiet rebellion. The geometric incessant quality of a curved line and circle are a constant in my work which women and androgyny look out at the viewer. Strong colours, Arcadia and the sensual aura of the garden are places that my characters appear and perform, demanding our thoughts, emotions and attention.

My work references structures: Personal, societal, psychological, emotional and biological. I use abstract and figurative elements to create pieces that bear testament to our journey through life: Our entry and subsequent flourishing, our road to extinction and alas our demise; the fitting in or not, the weave, the tattered tapestry. I sometimes use repeats and patterns to grid this as a metaphor. Skin Art (tattoos) and biological references also appear in my work.


Michael moved to London after leaving Scotland in 2000. Working as a Stylist on Fashion Shoots and Pop Promos. Later he taught at a North London Comprehensive school as a successful Head of Art. Michael has recently returned to Edinburgh.

Putting teaching aside, Michael returned to his first love, Painting. He was a full time professional artist with a studio in Hackney Wick, East London before his return to Scotland.

Michael is influenced by the many and varied experiences drawn from life. Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1963 to Harry and Maria Worobec in a Winter that broke records for its sub-zero temperatures.

His father, Ukrainian and mother Italian, both immigrated to Britain in the mid 1950’s to escape poverty and oppression. They sunk roots, worked hard and strove for a better life.


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