Mike Fullarton

Website: http://www.mikefullarton.com

Email: mikefullartonartist@gmail.com

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Paris Metro, 2019, 90cm x 90cm, mixed media on canvas,

Edinburgh City Transport Routes, 2019, 70cm x 85cm, mixed media on canvas

London Bus Routes, 2019, 95cm x 115cm, mixed media on canvas

San Francisco, 2019, 80cm x 80cm, mixed media on canvas

Vienna Metro, 2019, 80cm x 70cm, mixed media on canvas

New York, 2019, 90cm x 50cm, mixed media on canvas


My mostrecent work is aseries of abstract map paintings, which are an exploration into thevarious transport routes of different cities around the world and the patternsand interpretations which can emerge from their fragmentation and abstraction.Taking a bird’s eye view, the aim is not to produce an exact map-like replicabut rather to capture the mood, characteristics, movement, transition andvibrancy of each location. The paint is first applied in acrylic liquid form,carefully poured onto the canvas then manipulated by hand to create a grid-likepattern, using a combination of random and controlled movements. When dry, morecolour is then applied using a brush. This process may be repeated many times,layer upon layer to achieve a vibrant sense of depth and intensity, pulling theviewer into the fragmented landscape.


I graduated with BA (hons) inDrawing and Painting from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee beforespending the following few years in an independent artists' studio there, producing paintings for galleries in Scotland and England. I then moved to Kraków, Poland, where I had my second solo show earlier this year as well as participating in a group exhibition in Leyden gallery, London in September.