Mooie Scott



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Blue Hart Pool 81cm x 61cm Oil , Graphite, wax on Board

Colbart River 45cm X 50cm Oil on paper

Rink Stream 120cm X 130cm Oil on paper on board

Beyond Ettrick Bridge 86cm X 78 cm Eartth pigment, graphite on paper

Pool River Drawing 37 cm X 34cm Grahite on paper

Skinwork Cauld 50cm X 45cm Earth pigment, pastel on paper


Artist Statement

The work explores landscape as a voice for expression in an attempt to harness the many perspectives and wide context of the environment.

The actual materiality of the painted surface created by collecting and making painting mediums are an integral part of the work.

Much of the present work is based on the river tweed within the Scottish Borders.


Born London
Studied Chelsea School of Art, London
Lives and works Scottish Borders


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