Naomi Simms



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A Cailleach's Water Lilies, oil on linen

Didòmhnaich, oil and beeswax on hessian


In Scotland we have a wealth of folklore, legends and superstitions that have shaped our culture. Ones that are still taught and celebrated to this day across the country, playing a vital role in our identity. I explore the deep connections we have with our folklore, fuelled by my curiosity in the characters of these stories and the collection of superstitious objects. The simplest item can hold so much meaning for us as humans, who will form a connection with these through beliefs in luck and health. Objects and symbols themselves carry a rich amount of myths showcasing this lands spirit which I see as a great importance we have with our past and so feel the need to keep this fascination with Scotland’s tales alive. I take influences from old traditions, tales and literature such as Shakespeare who was known for his use of symbolism in nature, working with the themes of identity and femininity.
Natural fabrics, stitching and traditional practices are how I visually portray these subjects to focus purely on texture and symbolism. Created through repetitive objects from stencils and beeswax mixed oil paint. Linking hand in hand with the stylistic and limited colour palette oil paintings of a moment I can re-imagine from folklore. This allows the themes and narratives behind my work to really be sought out and appear through an atmosphere that surrounds the pieces and releases a calm thoughtfulness.