Natalie McIlroy



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Timeshift, 2018, installation, printed fabric, cement, aluminium, peppercorns, white ink

Timeshift (detail), 2018, cement, peppercorns

Required Fields, 2018, gold, gold leaf, rubber. Small jigsaw piece added to a puzzle located at the Expatriate Archive Centre, Netherlands

Saudade, 2018, a curatorial project with 9 other artists. Display suitcase designed and created for display and storage.

Preservation, 2012, installation, ice, iron

Migrate Replicate, 2011, installation, wax, woodchip, moving image


Interdisciplinary investigations, site specific installation and sculpture are the three main areas that my practice resides. I take inspiration from diverse landscapes, historical places and ‘non art’ spaces. I consider visiting and collaborating with museums, archives, libraries and local history centers a vital component to my practice both as an artist and curator. My methodology combines spontaneous and intuitive responses whilst acknowledging or subverting previous historical, scientific or social political research.

I have a sensitive approach to site and location. Previous projects have used the physical dimensions of a given space to determine the length of film shown or how an audience interacts with the work. Many of my pieces have only existed in the space in which they were constructed and are made completely site specifically. My fascination with site has lead me to many unusual sites throughout Europe and America, from Spanish convents to former Rum distilleries. I have an enthusiasm for archives and mapping strategies throughout the ages which translate in to my own methodology of creating and documenting work.

I am interested in occupying new spaces both physically and theorectically, combining desciplines and exploring the perceptions of artist/audience. I am also becoming increasingly concerned with time and eager to produce work that is revisted regularly over a number of years, contrasting with a previous work which is destroyed in situ.


Natalie McIlroy is a Scottish visual artist & curator currently based in The Hague, Netherlands. With a honours degree from the Environmental Art Course at Glasgow School of Art and a Masters with Distinction from Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, Natalie’s practice is site specific and installation based. She was recently the curator of Saudade, an interdisciplinary project investigating creative responses to archival material.


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