Niall Strachan


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Face Your Demons, acrylic on canvas,100x100cm

Same As It Ever Was, acrylic on canvas86x152cm

My Love And My Lover, acrylic on canvas,100x100cm

Bird/Hand/Bush, acrylic on canvas, 86x120cm

Urban Sprawl,acrylic on canvas,100x100cm

No Rest For The Wicked, acrylic on canvas, 89x104cm


I am a visual artist based in the Highlands of Scotland. I use acrylic paints to create energetic neo-expressionist meditations on the human condition. An undercurrent of humour runs throughout my work which serves to assist the viewer (and myself) to digest the messages being presented. My paintings usually begin with some spontaneous abstraction on the studio floor,loud music and coffee. I like to have the element of chance in every piece as it makes the process more exciting and energising for me. I use music as part of my process to get into the rhythm I require for the piece I am working on. With my work I like to build layers of paint and administer bold mark making which acrylics let me do with speed.

I am inspired by artists such as ; De Kooning, Appel, Basquiat, Guston, Dubuffet and contemporary artists like, Nina Chanel Abney, Robert Nava and Reginald Sylvester ii.I create music in various bands and this feeds into my painting by suggesting moods and energies to explore. I strive to make art that is visually exciting,stimulates discussion and conveys how my mind filters the human condition.


An artist and musician, Niall grew up in the Highlands before moving to Glasgow to study music. He formed the cult Scottish band Bronto Skylift and through designing gig posters, record sleeves and merchandise, rediscovered his love for visual art .
Niall has work in private collections in the UK,USA and Sweden.
In 2018 the Glasgow artist Ross Sinclair invited to exhibit alongside artists such as; Martin Boyce, David Shrigley and Martin Creed.
Niall is also part of a forthcoming documentary from acclaimed film maker Martin Muir exploring the links between artists and musicians.
Niall's art has been featured in Hollywood movies and streaming services as background art. Sometimes a 'blink and you'll miss it' but they are there.Promise.