Nicky Sanderson



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cut peat bank, 2017, collagraph collage, 550 x 1112

study for the formation of the gneiss, 2017, mixed media on card, 350 x 450

study for the sacred landscape, 2017, mixed media collage, 230 x 330

study for the formation of the gneiss, 2017, mixed media collage, 230 x 330

The Formation of the Gneiss, 2017, muslin, tissue paper, mixed media collage, 1000 x 2000

Spring Grass on the Bog, 2017, tissue paper collage on net, 480 x 900


"I hear it in the deep heart's core" (WB Yeats' Lake Isle of Innisfree)

To discern and convey the beauty within my chosen subject I look for what lies beneath, for example, the layers of geology, the interaction of time, nature, and humans in a landscape or place. Mine is a search for both the essence and substance of a subject, approaching places through maps or photos, reading poems or prose related to the theme, and from studying how other artists have approached similar challenges. My ideas can materialise in many ways, through simple graphite line to mixed media, and from close observational drawing to total abstraction. My intention is to awake interest and engagement in the observer, to lead them to see something unnoticed before, to feel enriched by the experience.

Recent and ongoing points of focus include the Calanais Stones on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides and the peat cuttings that surround them, and the islands of the Firth of Forth and their multiple interpretations. Moroccan themes have risen to the surface recently: closed, seemingly ugly metal doors into family homes are transformed into decorative images that entice the viewer to enter. The lights and shadows that fall through palm leaf roof structures onto concrete flooring are captured in my images.
My working process involves the consideration of all possible explorations of my theme, before discerning the way to embody it in my work. This can be through any combination of paint, collage or print, always governed by a strong feeling for colour and the substance of my materials.


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