Olga Krasanova

Website: http://www.krasanova.com

Email: olga@krasanova.com

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A. Graeme, linocut & screenprint, 58 x 37 cm, 2014

In Mum's Cardigan, monoprint, 39 x 28 cm, 2014

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, reduction linocut, 32 x 32 cm, 2015

Extrication, reduction linocut, 29 x 21 cm, 2015

Indian Winters, collograph & monoprint, 31 x 20 cm, 2015

Doughnuts, reduction linocut, 38 x 27 cm, 2018


Olga is fascinated by the everyday, human’s lives and their stories. Her works often come from stories of real people or events, or from inside her, expressed through her constant drawing and doodling. Her works evoke emotion and memory, and trigger the imagination of the viewer.

Olga loves the process of printmaking, getting her hands dirty, the smell of ink, the combination of colours to the excitement of the first prove. It constantly inspires her to experiment more and to produce a quality work that makes her proud.