Olivia Turner PSSA

Website: http://www.olivia-turner.com

Email: mail@olivia-turner.com

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SE2 9DS, Acrylic on board, 93 x 63cm

EC1N_6XX, Acrylic on board, 60 x 45cm

RSA NC 2016, Mixed media

EC1N_6XX, Acrylic on board, 93 x 63cm

EH6 4HD, Acrylic and MDF

FL 33120, Mixed Media, 60 x 76cm


My concern with spatial awareness, is evident within my work, which continually plays with conventional ideas about spaces. My paintings look at perspective, composition and structure and are inspired by Brutalist architecture. My interest in architecture is something which I have continuously been captivated by, the powerful structures and materials of these building have always fascinated me. I constantly refine my compositions to create spaces that highlight the hidden beauty of buildings that would often be overlooked. By isolating them from their original surroundings, I want to give the viewer no option but to interactive with them.


Born in Huddersfield
Lives and works in Edinburgh
BA (Hons) Painting Edinburgh College of Art
Co - Founder of DOK Artist Space
Co - Producer of the Architecture Fringe

2018 Open Contemporary Young Artist Award
2016 RSA Latimer Award
2016 RSA Sir William Gillies Bequest Award
2015 Shortlisted Artist, Parade Presents Prize
2015 Runner - UP, Astaire Art Prize
2014 Shortlisted Artist, Astaire Art Prize
2014 Selected Artist, Dakota Hotel Sponsorship