Oonagh Devoy

Website: http://www.oonaghdevoy.com/

Email: paterson1971@yahoo.co.uk

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Viewmaster Bones Series, Digital Print

Bones Series #1, Mixed Media, 16cm x 16cm

Message in a bottle, Found objects


Perfection to me is the beauty inherent in imperfections. Copper turned verdigris, sea worn dunnage, carcasses stripped of their flesh, oxidised farm machinery cogs: treasure that can be found washed daily upon our shores. Each time I visit the beach I collect this treasure, enthused and excited by what others consider to be rubbish. This rubbish being my palette to produce my mixed media works. The work of artists such as Kurt Schwitters, Ben Nicholson and Braque are my inspiration. My love of colour, texture and unnoticed treasures is what moves me to create.


Visual artist based on the East Coast of Scotland.