Orla Stevens

Website: http://www.orlastevens.com

Email: os@orlastevens.com

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North Atlantic Rhythms, Textile Binder, Ink & Embroidery on Linen, 31x36cm

North Dell, Acrylic on Canvas, 60x65cm

Wind Resistance 1/3, Textile Binder, Ink & Embroidery on Linen,30x38cm

Morrisons view, acrylic on canvas, 90x60cm


Orla Stevens creates paintings and textiles that respond to multi sensory experience of place. Translating emotional and physical - visual and aural -perceptions of Scottish landscape and Soundscape into colours textures and marks. These works document the experience and connection to her native wild landscape: celebrating and recording the interconnected relationship of mind, body and environment. Through print, hand painting and embroidery Orla carries these influences to contemporary craft contexts.


Orla Stevens trained in Textiles Design at Edinburgh College of art.
Here, she discovered her love for painting and craft. Since graduating in 2018, Orla continues to develop her practice in both painting and textiles design. Based between Glasgow and Callander, she is currently working full time on various creative projects across central Scotland.


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