Paola McClure

Website: http://@paolamcclurevisualartist


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Tick Tock. Concrete, metal, sisal rope. 2018

Melt & Pitched Veer (detail). Wood, metal, acrylic. 2018

Demoiselle Coiffée. Concrete, milling foam. 2018

Rejuncture. Digital photographic print. 2017

Hideous Evolution. Soft sculpture, found objects. 2017

When its Time to Talk. Soft sculpture. 2016


In an on-going exploration of form I have spent the last year in practice-based research at DJCAD on the MFA Art & Humanities programme. This intense year has allowed me to hone my focus and pare work back to fundamental elements of stance, poise and gesture. I have embraced the medium of cast concrete using a variety of moulding materials to create textural qualities that range from rough and pitted to mirrored glazes, and the use of a limited pallete representing the four basic earth pigments of red and yellow ochre, gypsum and blue/black has given more scope to playful subtleties of surface colouration.

My work is continues to develop concerns with precariousness and solidity, with objects that stand on the tip of a tilt, that are caught at a chiasmus between tick and tock, or that have paused to settle and observe before moving on.

Taking cues from the natural and built environment, I find a sympathetic allegiance the silent sentinels of dormant factory chimneystacks that maintain their presence in the urban landscape or in the dual qualities of stolid rootedness and chaotic energy of craggy columns and seemingly impossible rock formations weathered into forms that appear to poise on teetering tiptoe at absurd variance with the solidity of the materials from which they are hewn.

As objects that veer towards the abstractly figurative my sculptures act as dualistic entities exploring notions of robustness and fragility, of endurance and impermanence underpinned by the layering of memory and the passage of time.