Paolo Doyle



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Correction. Oil on canvas, 150cm x 100cm. 2017.

Here, Take It. What Do I Get? Oil on canvas, 100cm x 150cm. 2016.

Attempting to fly and not succeeding. Oil on canvas, 150cm x 100cm. 2016.

Reclamation (2). Oil on canvas, 80cm x 100cm. 2017.

A hare out of place. Oil on canvas. 150cm x 100cm. 2016.

Your move. Oil on canvas, 150cm x 100cm. 2016.


I make multi-narrative, figurative art, sometimes with a subversive element. My starting point is often an idea formed by the crossing of two or more news stories or human situations, and how I as an individual relate to them. I imaginatively use a variety of sources to arrive at compositions, including sketches, movie clips, my own photography, magazines, television. The underlying subject matter, which may be obscured, is often dark in that one of the aims is to question what it is to be human today, and in particular, to question my own place. I aim to encourage people to react on an emotional and intellectual level, to make them think about things they might not otherwise think about, to make them ask questions and to provoke dialogue.


Scottish, of Italian and Irish descent, living and working on the coast in the north-east of Scotland. Graduated with B.A.(Hons) in Painting at Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen, 2016.
(In a previous life, B.Sc.(Hons.), PGTQ, C.Env., FIEEM)