Paul McPhater



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Torn. Perspex with Copper Nails. 54cm long. 2018

Never The Twain. Perspex with Concrete Base. 60 cm tall.2019

Bad Blood. Perspex with Concrete Base. 26 cm tall. 2019

ConFocal. Perspex and Nylon Thread. 42cm tall. 2019

Contortions (year) 1. Perspex with Concrete Base. 60cm tall.2019

Artist Stool. Linen and PVA Glue. 64cm Tall. 2017


I seek to bring physicality to emotions and events from my life. Having explored these I then look to make them applicable to anyone who has had similar feelings or experiences so as to make the work at once personal and universal.


Born in Glasgow - 1972
BA History & Economics - Stirling University - 1990/4
MSc Business Information Systems - Strathclyde University - 1995/6
Art & Design Foundation - Kingston College - 2017/8
Winner - Exhibition Sculpture Prize - Chelsea Arts Society - 2018