Peter Davis



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'Old Rock' , Watercolour on paper 2014, 70x50 cm

'Loch and Sea', Westside, Watercolour on paper 2016 (70x50cm)

'Outwash (Jökultunga)', Watercolour and pigment on paper 2015 (96x61cm)

'Grossa Stack, 2nd Variant', Watercolour on paper 2017 (70x51cm)

'Scatness', Watercolour on paper 2017 (70x51cm)

'Corn Head', Watercolour on paper 2017 (96x62cm)


Watercolour physically reflects so well the characteristics of landscape and becomes almost a microcosm of the natural world. The effects of watercolour can mirror the effects found in the environment. I am fascinated by the tension between representation and abstraction and the ambiguity of scale and image within a subject matter that, while being based on landscape, is not necessarily in the sedate topography of traditional watercolour.
Angle of paper, quality and quantity of water and pigment, size of brush, drying time and temperature are just a few of the many variables that affect the final outcome. More recently I have experimented with hand-made watercolour paint which has become a new avenue of exploration.


Born in 1953, North Shields
Studied Art & Design Northumberland College of Education 1972-5
BA (Hons) 1993
Itinerant Teacher of Art & Design Orkney Islands Council 1982-91
Itinerant Teacher of Art & Design Shetland Islands Council 1992-2013


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