Phil Mcloughlin



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To each his own Oil/panel 80 X 100cm

Configuration Oil/linen 50 X 50cm

Antithesis Oil/panel 70 X 100cm

All is well but anything may be expected Oil/linen 75 X100cm

A head of her time Oil/linen 80 X 100cm


I make images that, hopefully, become touchstones for the viewer. They are images which make no allusions to any other ‘thing’; are in no way symbolic; tell no story; belong to no other family of things. Instead, they refer, continually, back to themselves. They are ‘existential objects’ inviting the viewer to ‘believe their own eyes’.

I am for an art that needs no explanation. From Zen I learned that nothing is quite as complicated as we think – but may be even more so. My work acknowledges the politics of everyday power –viewers can (indeed should) make their own sense of their own experience.


I began adult life as an artist, albeit with no formal ‘qualification. I exhibited widely in the late 60s/early 70s and won the the PERNOD Prize ion Edinburgh in 1974. I joined the Dundee Group Artists Ltd in 1977 and exhibited with them until 1980 when I gave up art to complete my PhD and write my first book. I spent 30 years as a psychotherapist, university professor and author in the UK, Ireland, Japan and Australia. I returned to art in 2010 when I first showed with the SSA in Edinburgh.


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