Pip Denham

Website: http://pipdenham.com

Email: pip@pipdenham.com

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'Koan' Wood, Acrylic (2000 x 900 x 1400mm)

'The Seven Axes' Herculite Plaster, Acrylic (800 x 350 x 700mm)

'Paean' Cast (Artist LH Arm) in Herculite Plaster, Acrylic, Air (300 x 300 x 2000mm)

'Musica Obelisk' Hardwood, Porcelain, Electronics, Composed Sound (500 x 500 x 500mm)

'Shadow Play' aka - 'Rorschach 3d' Interchangeable Steel, Light (approx 800mm squared)

'The Light Within...' Wood, Fused Glass, Mirrors, Light Box 1: (300 x 140 x 100mm) Box 2: (400 x 140 x 140mm)


I am an artist, in awe of this strange planet and like many, I find myself at times wrestling with (and drawn to) the polarised nature in which humanity expresses itself.

I rarely have a particular medium in mind, or how I will communicate this expansive endeavour, and am always open to the possibilities of how each artwork should be researched and represented. One work may require collaboration, culminating in a piece of ‘Ceramic and Sound'. Another may ask for a solitary approach, then represented through ‘Photography and Word’. Each concept dictates each exploration.

At present, Sculptural form is foremost in my desire to express myself creatively. I tend to have a philosophical approach to art, in that my interests go beyond created form. In particular the Logos - the so-called divine principle of reason and judgement associated with the animus. This interest has led to a continued questioning of the ‘vessel’ as a natural object containing the intangible, and as an expression of humanity within varied cultures throughout history.


Having graduated from Edinburgh College of Art (University of Edinburgh) in July 2018, with a BA (Hons) in Sculpture I recieved the 2018 SSA New Graduate Award and the Santander Travel/ Research Award.

Before ECA, I trained in Model Making, Applied Art and then obtained an HND in Silversmithing & Jewellery Design at City of Glasgow College.

I previously worked for many years as a free-lance ‘Creative Consultant’ with skills in Design, Illustration, Photography and Print, specialising in Project Management. Having worked for several years within the recording industry, I also have experience in Sound Design, as a Recording Engineer and Music Producer.

As well being asked to exhibit at the Royal Scottish Academy in 2018/19 and at the Boecho Gallery, London, I have further Gallery representation in Scotland, London and Barcelona. My recent and older work is also held in several private collections. Full details of exhibitions a other artistic achievements can be found via the downloadable CV.


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