Rebecca Heselton



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Floating Village, Installation, 2017

Floating Villages, photograph, 2017

Cambodian Village I, photograph 2016

Edinburgh Old Town, mixed media, 2015

Allotments, print, 2015

Lanterns, mixed media, 2014


Rebecca's interdisciplinary practice fuses model-making, painting, textiles, photography and light-based installation in a continual exploration of where one medium stops and another starts. Inspired by places and landscapes, her work aims to explore how setting becomes distorted and abstracted when viewed through the lens of personal experience and memory. She aims to convey a sense of place which is both specific and true to life, yet simultaneously abstract and dreamlike in form, allowing each viewer to interpret it in their own unique way.


Rebecca is an interdisciplinary artist currently based in Manchester. She recently received her MA (Hons) in Fine Art and Art History from Edinburgh College of Art.