Rhona Sword

Website: https://rhonasword.com

Email: rhonasword@gmail.com

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How do we navigate spaces that we are confronted with in new and unfamiliar places?

How do we experience the intense psychological states that these encounters create?

Through an interdisciplinary practice primarily involving installation, painting and printmaking, my practice aims to address these questions of the ways in which we interact with space. A focus on architectural structures that is further explored through the use of everyday materials, including light and sound, allows for the creation of intimate works. Enveloping the viewer, they provide the opportunity for moments of meditation within a sensory experience that is at once familiar and unknown.


Currently studying Painting and Printmaking at Glasgow School of Art, my interdisciplinary practice aims to use making as a tool of thinking and entering a deeper investigation into our relationship with our surroundings.

As an artist my aim is to open up spaces within the arts to make them accessible to everyone and create equal opportunities. I believe arts should be about the sharing of cultures, ideas and emotions and in order to do this I am focussed unstopping the elitism and closing off of the arts.

Alongside my studio practice I am also involved with many artistic organisations and events including Tinderbox Collective, GSA Intersectional Feminism Society, GSA Programming Committee, Hidden Door Festival and Glasgow's Painting Parade 2019.


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