Sara Alonso



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“My nature is to be an observer more than a player. That’s how it has always been for me. I am very interested in the behaviour of people and their response to messages, visual or audio-visual. I think that’s why I ended up working in communication and advertising. I enjoyed projecting myself onto other people’s lives and finding a connection – an insight- with a product: with an object. My interest, beyond marketing strategy, has always been anthropological: analysing human behaviour and how we relate to the world. I enjoy touching and transforming material with my hands and I can spend hours processing an image. It feels real and closer to nature; completely different to any work made 100% by a computer. Working on a stone that has existed for millions and millions of years gives me more satisfaction than the impermanence of a screen. I guess after so many years of putting my body into the rush of a civilization that is updated every 30 seconds, it is now rejecting such velocities and embracing the joy of reality.”


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