Sean Wheelan



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'Captain Ego's Last Flight' (Mixed Media)

'Tiered Blocking Tool' (Mixed Media)

'Suplexing the Black Dog (Over and Over Again)' (Mono Print)

'Triple Decker Bike' (Mixed Media)

'The Grand Adventures of Fluxey the Happy Pill' (Digital Print)

'White Whale' (Video of Performance)


My practice explores the boundaries of social cues and understanding through the roles we play as individuals. Previously I have explored what it is to be an individual in an ever shrinking world where originality is becoming increasingly endangered. Through my exploration I came to terms with my own battle with depression. Adopting a glorified persona I created a barrier to who I really was whilst becoming obsessed with how others perceived me. My practice is focused on a multimedia of sculpture, video, prints and performance which is deep rooted within my sense of humour.


Born in Edinburgh.
Studied Contemporary Art Practice at Gray's School of Art, Aberdeen [2012-16].
Currently based in Aberdeen.


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