Shona McGovern



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Head and Hands under Red 2014 oil on linen 100x70cms

Minetti 2016 stoneware, glaze 30cms diameter approx

Man Standing oil on board 40x40cms

Heads 2016 stoneware glazes diameter 30cms approx

Oil sketch on paper 2016 15x20cms

Porcelain birds 2016 5cms approximately each figure


I am drawn to the human figure and I try to make two- and three-dimensional work, which embodies a sense of being. To understand a feeling or emotion is to understand the stance, bearing or gesture, which incorporates it and so makes it visible.
Yet physical presence is always more than physical and I hope to represent the more-than-visible which inhabits what we see through forms which are themselves broken, fragmented, disconnected.


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