Soosan Danesh



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Line & Form, acrylic, 30cmx30cm

Harbour, acrylic, 18cmx13cm

Surface 1, acrylic, 40cmx40cm

Surface 2, acrylic, 40cmx40cm

New Sketchbook, acrylic & found objects, 40cmx40cm

Cliff top, acrylic, 30cmx30cm


My inspiration comes from Scottish coastline and beautiful city I’m living in, with its ever-changing lights reflected at the windows, Capturing shadows on atmospheric alley-ways.
I work from memory as well as my photographs and sketches, with that, I intend to create emotional and in some way illusionistic images, my work is mainly narrative abstract the inspiration mostly comes from places rather than people, natural patterns of shorelines and urban landscape, images that leaves the observer with a hint of the mood or emotion of a scene, to draw on those momentary caught glimpses of our world.


I am an artist living in Edinburgh and studied BA (Art and Design) at Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh University.


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