Sophie Stewart



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Prepacked I, 59 x 84cm, digital photograph mounted on dibond

Prepacked II, 59 x 84cm, digital photograph mounted on dibond

Inertia Still, digital photograph

Peppers, digital text piece

Tunnel, digital text piece

Speed, digital text piece


​Through the use of mixed media, Stewart challenges the acceptance of constraints caused by modern working conditions, and highlights the effects of precarity on the individual. She questions dehumanising aspects of precarious work, by emphasising the mundane, prolonging repetitive routines, and drawing attention to societal labels and expectations.

The aim of her practice is to eradicate feelings of alienation, by ‘re-humanising’ the worker - giving a voice to marginalised people, sharing their stories and experiences, and expressing the toll of emotional labour on an individual’s self-worth.


Sophie Stewart is a Scottish visual artist based in Glasgow. She Graduated from Gray’s School of Art in 2020 with a first class BA (Hons) degree in Contemporary Art Practice. Sophie was awarded the BP Fine art Award, the RSA New Contemporaries Award and the SSA New Graduate Award as a result of her degree show.


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