Sue Murdoch


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Two Figures 30x40cm (12 x 15 3/4") Mixed media

Untitled 61 x 46cm (24 x 18") Mixed media

Natural Forms 51 x 61cm (20x24") Mixed media

Doghead 28 x 36cm (11 x 14") Mixed media with collage

Carsaig 80x100cm, (31 1/2 x 39 1/2") Mixed Media


Landscape has always been my starting point and the point to which I return, whether it be naturally evolved or the result of human habitation and toil – an Indian street, a Scottish island, a tangled heap of fishing nets… Whenever possible I work directly from the landscape, within it, and it is perhaps this closeness of contact which reflects and generates my particular way of exploring form, colour and textures through the use of mixed media.

My way of working has developed from using a smooth base to creating a collaged surface as a textured undercoat which is then painted over, worked into with mixed media, and often torn up and reassembled.

My practice as a painter is sustained by recurring themes found in the landscape, the grid in its many forms being foremost. I am interested in structures which mark boundaries and both contain and reveal grids, nets, groins and apertures.

Visits to India have been another major source of inspiration, especially in the use of colour. A new richness and intensity of colour has entered my work. Yet with every new influence my sense of correspondences between diverse things is reinforced. My Indian paintings have echoes of earlier works based on Florentine doors, walls, and windows and have in turn influenced my work inspired by the Atlantic coastline of the Isle of Mull.

Nature’s diversity of form, colour and structure continues to act as my central source of inspiration – the landscape.


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