Sun Lee



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Towards A Pure Land, FHD Video, 3mins, 2019


Sun lee is a Korean artist based in Glasgow. Her practice aims to explore both traditional and contemporary Buddhist concepts in terms of therapeutic practice for reaching utopia. Her work also includes themes of religious practice, empower of nature, and state of flow within therapeutic concept. Her inspiration is driven by darkness and uneasy circumstances including personal, social and political experiences, such as racism and trauma. Her desire to reach a calm and stable state is the starting point of her art practice, therefore the process is made up with various components for balanced state. Through exploring Buddhist mythology, cosmology and empowerment of nature, the process of her work represents an attempt to overcome precarity and make a balance for the environment. She practices her art in various mediums including immersive installation, moving image, photography and sculpture.


Sun Lee is a Korean artist based in Glasgow and Seoul. She is currently studying Master of Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art. Sun lee has participated in several exhibitions in Glasgow, London and Seoul, which includes Honey we're home; Transmission Gallery; Glasgow, MFA WIP Screening; CCA;Glasgow, A Vague Anxiety; Tontine building;Glasgow, The Other Side of The Moon; Barge house; London, Agora; Old hair dresser; Glasgow, 4482 Butterfly effect; Oxo Tower; London, SKIP-AD; PLAY; Savoy Centre; Glasgow.


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