Tansy Lee Moir

Website: http://www.tansyleemoir.co.uk

Email: mail@tansyleemoir.co.uk

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Dalkeith reaching oak, charcoal on paper, 71cm x 46cm

Dalkeith burred oak 5

Beecraigs beech ghost, charcoal on paper 122 x 72cm

Philpstoun ghost beech 1, charcoal on paper

Crichton torso beech 1, charcoal on paper 72 x 53cm

Crichton shattered beech 5, charcoal on paper 75 x 60cm


My work is inspired by trees, their forms, their history and the influence that humans, animals and natural processes have in shaping them, in the way they provide a solid representation of time. It explores their three dimensional forms, investigating how light hits their surfaces to reveal corporeal contours and chaotic patterns of damage.

My process begins with drawings and photographs made in the field, mostly during the winter and early spring months in low sunlight. These enable me to connect with a tree in its setting, often over many visits. I then review the material at length in the studio to allow an image to emerge. Viewers often wonder if they are looking at wood or flesh and I play on this ambiguity, using the brain’s need to make sense of the unfamiliar. I love using charcoal as it enables me to express both subtlety and dramatic contrast with great flexibility: there's also something poetic about depicting living wood with its carbonised self.


Originally from Matlock in Derbyshire, I studied Three Dimensional Design at Manchester Metropolitan University, going on to work as a puppet maker and performer. I moved to Scotland in 1994 and spent 15 years developing a practice combining art with a community development approach. I then took a studio at Edinburgh’s St Margaret's House where I have returned to drawing, focusing on creating a body of work made in response to trees.


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