Thomas Adam



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'Chem-Trails Over Camberwell' screenprint and acrylic on digital vinyl 104.5 x 104.5cm

'Man Stuck in Attic' acrylic and spraypaint on digital vinyl 65.5 x 51.5cm

'Winter Walk' acrylic on digital vinyl 53 x 39cm

'Dusk in Bonnybridge' screenprint and acrylic on digital vinyl 170 x 75cm


Using a diverse range of print, drawing, painting and sculptural methods Thomas Adam's artwork explores themes relating to human condition.

Lone fictional characters or semi-autobiographical versions of the artist are presented in works as spectators of the world where senses are seemingly heightened, memories are more dreamlike, and the supernatural seems more plausible. Recent works created during lockdown, step away from the lone figure, and instead cast our collective memory back to the 'old normal’.


Thomas Adam is a Scottish artist and recent Royal College of Art graduate currently practicing in Edinburgh (2018). Recent exhibitions include 'For The Many, Exercises in Artistic Reproduction' The Chopping Block Gallery, 2019, London. 'Lightning Without Thunder' Solo Exhibition, Arusha Gallery, 2019, Edinburgh. 'The Same Tendency' Summerhall, 2019 Edinburgh. Adam was recently long listed for the Elephant/Griffin award 2018, and was nominated for the Catlin Award in 2012.


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