Tomasz Wrobel



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Lost light, oil on canvas (82x82cm)

e-Roots, oil on canvas (120x90cm)

e-Volution, oil on canvas (120x90cm)

Reversed L@nd1, oil on canvas (51x51cm)

Still-e-life2, oil on canvas (46x76cm)

Tre-E, oil on canvas (93x93cm)


I’m mainly interested in e-waste as the world tends to become more digital.
Everyday objects which in our daily life are movable, are in the natural world
transmuted. They become unnecessary objects; rubbish, waste, garbage and
junk. We create them, they surround us and become part of our life, society and
historical records.


Artist Bio:
I was born in Poland in 1983. My parents are married for 40+ years. I have two
older brothers. As long as I remember I was always in to drawing and painting
since nursery.
My parents where sending me to private classes since they discovered my
drawing skills.
Through my school years I was keep on practising drawing and painting. When
my family moved to Scotland in 2004, I went to collage to gain an art diploma,
(HND) which opened door to university RGU Gray's School of Art. (BA hons)
Both finished with best results. Since then I have been exhibiting around UK.
RSA NEW CONTEMPORARIES exhibition at The Mound in Edinburgh,
I considered as my biggest success when I received two awards in one night and
my paintings almost sell out. (2014). Currently I'm member of SSA Society of
Scottish Artists. I’m based in Aberdeen Scotland in W.A.S.P.S studios where I
carry on my painting practice.


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