William G. Saraband

Website: https://wgsaraband.com

Email: wgsaraband@gmail.com

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Trumpet Player, acrylic on canvas, 50x70cm

A Bike, acrylic on canvas board, 60x40cm

Bipolar Imperialism, acrylic on canvas, 80x100cm

Blood Moon, acrylic on paper, 29x42cm

The Theft, acrylic on canvas board, 50x40cm

Jazz Night, acrylic on canvas board, 30x40cm


My work is about processing themes and subjects that I'm passionate about - politics, sexuality, love, human relations, mythology, literature, Scotland - through an abstract lens, tearing these topics apart and reinterpreting them with the use of bold colours


William G. Saraband was born in Portugal, in 1991, where he felt out of place until moving to Scotland in 2015, the place he now finally calls - and feels at - home.

Only in Scotland did Saraband start painting with acrylics, as a means of coping and making sense an increasingly mad world, creating his Abstract Expressionist pieces with vivid colours and shapes. He has since gone on to sell his artwork through social media (mainly Twitter). He's also a writer and a political activist.