Zusanna Salamon

Website: https://www.zsalamon.com/

Email: zuziazuzelka@wp.pl

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With over 10 years of experience in belonging to institutions specializing in fine art, I have had the opportunity to improve my skills over the years in workshops in Poland, Scotland, and Prague. My traditional art education together with my traveling experience became a base for my current art practice. My passion for art translates into voluntary work, help, and organization of cultural events as well as actively engaging with exhibitions around the world.

Considering myself a figure living and traveling all across Europe I’m dealing with all of the places but none simultaneously. I’m mostly located in a different country than the one where I was born. Basing on my own experience, I am exploring the individual connection to ‘home’ and culture, or rather how distant it can become depends on the circumstances. Moving can fade a sense of belonging to a place, but at the same time, it can make it stronger, as it can provide a safe harbor we come back to. Through my works, I am exploring the idea of emigration as portrayed through the individual experience