Payment Options

Annual Membership Fees

Ordinary membership – £40
Student Membership – £10
Graduate Membership – £20
Associate Membership – £20
Professional Membership (available by election only) – £50

New members, please ensure you have registered for membership here as well as making your first payment.

Subscription Payments

It is quick and easy to set up a subscription for annual or monthly payments.
Please note you will need a PayPal account for this option.


Recurring Membership Subscriptions (incl. handling charge)

Single Payments

Make a single payment now online.
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Annual Membership Subscription Options (non-recurring)

Send a cheque made payable to:
Society of Scottish Artists

Send to
Cheryl Connell, Administrator
Society of Scottish Artists
c/o Jamie McAteer
5 Lochrin Place
Edinburgh EH3 9QX