SSA Professional Member Gillian Adair McFarland has received The Booth Residency Award from WASPS at the RSA Open 2019.

McFarland will be collaborating with artists Collette Rayner and photographer Robin De Vries over the 2-week residency and are aiming to use the opportunity to develop their practice, and trying new directions by working with the land, seascape and the diversity of cultural and current political experiences where truth is hard to establish and perception can be difficult to trust.

Visiting Shetland for the first time they will test out ideas on autokinesis through research visits, conversations between them and Shetland artists, documentation and responsive art making. The residency at The Booth in Shetland will offer an opportunity to explore new ground and build on initial work.

1 – 14th December 2019 | The Booth, Scalloway, Shetland

Moon Plate mono print of September 19

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