First-time mother Olga Krasanova has used her experience of mothering as the subject for her new solo show of woodcut, linocut and monoprints.

The ABC of Mothering is Olga’s unique view of becoming a first-time mum. “Motherhood completely changed my life,” said Olga. “Life is now a little bit chaotic and bewildering and as an artist, that’s what I’ve tried to express with this new collection of work.”

The exhibition tells the story of the changes not only to Olga’s body but also her perspective on life. The figurative works are paired down into humorous, abstract shapes. Using a colourful palette and simple drawing style, Olga tackles topics such as pregnancy, sleepless nights and the simple joy of a cup of tea, all of which she hopes will trigger a response from the viewer.

“Nothing really prepared me for being a first-time Mum and the profound change it has had on me and my body image,” she explained. “Before becoming a mother I worried about how I looked. Was I the right shape and size, was I attractive enough? I now realise none of that matters.

“My body is now a bed, a soothing space, a safe space and a source of food. I’ve explored all of this in my exhibition as well as poking a little bit of fun at myself as a first-time mum. I hope the viewer can see the funny side of this too!”

Olga’s work has been described as conceptual, figurative, abstract and quirky. Her images tell a story so the viewer sees more than just a pretty picture. She finds her inspiration in everyday life, human relationships and her personal experiences.

Drawing has always been a part of her life and is constantly sketching. She enjoys experimenting with patterns and colours, giving her work a more natural and detailed appearance reflecting how carefully she thinks about the stories she’s portraying.

Olga Krasanova is from Siberia and lives in Dunfermline. She studied Graphic Design, Photography and Advertising at Central St Martins, University of Art and Design, London. She has a studio at Fire Station Creative, Dunfermline and editions her prints at Fife Dunfermline Printmakers Workshop. She is an Artist Member of the Society of Scottish Artists.

This exhibition has been made possible with a Visual Artist and Craft Maker Award from Fife Council and Creative Scotland administered by Fife Contemporary.

The ABC of Mothering
Fire Station Creative, Dunfermline
6 July – 5 August 2018.

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