Recently I became aware of the importance of the tactile qualities of cloth after finding one of my first picture books – looking at the illustrations I was so familiar with the images – but not just visually.

I remembered the smoothness to the touch of Old King Cole’s hose and the soft, satin plumpness of the quilt on a kitten’s bed. As a small child I had the sensual experience of touch through looking and imagining. This way of remembering I found mystifying, then I realised how I am continuously drawn to feel the quality of a piece of clothing on a shop rail, a roll of cloth in a fabric shop or any other textile, just in passing – it is the sense of touch that is important to me and that feeds my imagination.

Over the past few years Professional Member Denise Zygadlo has collected quotes from friends regarding their personal associations with cloth and the variety of meaning and nostalgia it can provide. This has inspired her to look at her own kept cloth – there is plenty – and re-experience her own connections, bringing them into the present through a series of art works.

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Auntie Maureen’s honeymoon dress – stand up paper doll
All images ©Denise Zygadlo
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