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Edinburgh & The Lothians




Abstract, Figurative, Landscape



My practice is concerned with the dialogues formed between readymade/appropriated imageries, and an abstract language of painterly/digital aesthetics. What drives my work is kitsch, zany or unusual images, that have potential to be placed within aesthetic and contextual dialogues, whilst still holding ambiguous undertones. I feel this is important to let independent interpretations, without being too obvious to read. Being more concerned over the how rather than the why.

Taking preexisting imagery and changing its context through paint is a goal in my practice. But also the initial, formal and compositional response is something I am driven by, such as the aesthetic relationships of colours, shapes, compositions, surface, line and gesture. Therefore, it’s the accumulation and relationships of various sources of imageries that interests me and not necessarily the images just on their own. I feel it’s important to have a strong initial impact, which then allows more to be discovered the longer you observe.

Themes vary and evolve depending on the subject matter. I’m more interested in how one image or mark may shape and inform another through the combination of signifiers. Shown through the placement of certain characters, landscapes, objects, images, materiality and formal elements. These themes often come about after the work is made, and follows a process of collaging different sourced images, creating both contextual and aesthetic dialogues. The images act as a starting point, with painting and collage constantly revolving around each other.



Jack Whitelock (b. 1997) is a painter from Hull, Yorkshire, who is currently based in Edinburgh, where he graduated from in 2020, with a BA (Hons) in Painting. His paintings use found images and appropriation to pave the way for representational and abstract dialogues.