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Painting, Sculpture, Installation, Performance


Abstract, Figurative, Landscape, Architecture, Identity



My work connects instability and space. Creatures and space are inseparable, and I became deeply interested in human feelings and their spatial experiences. 


The real space that consists of unstable pieces of my installations or paintings entices the audience to see what they generate. Each piece of work reacts to the movement of the one in the space, and itt visualizes the invisible evidence of one’s existence. As everyone moves differently, the work reacts in different ways. Through this spatial experience, it enables the audience to be aware of their movement and how influential they are to the consequences of the situation.


The space on the picture plane has clear boundaries, however, the depth is ambiguous: By using distinctive colors and simplifying objects and space into a colored plane, the condensed space of paintings seems separated. Depending on the size, brightness, color, and the clearness of the color planes, it naturally creates perspective. Moreover, things such as the viewer’s thought, way of seeing, and color recognition ability determine the sense of the depth of the space. This visual experience can lead the viewer to imagine the empty space hidden between the colored planes. This is because they push and pull each other, hence the depth collides. It, therefore, suggests that people create multiple forms of space within a single painting.


Today, it is not only many huge industrial or social organizations of the contemporary era, but individuals alienate our neighbors and ourselves by assimilating our minds and thoughts with them. This causes many problems in contemporary society and devalues human existence. People might feel insecure, unstable, precarious, and I am getting to know what the two-sided value of those feelings plays in space.



1997 – 2015     Cheonan, Republic of Korea

2015 – 2016     Seoul, Republic of Korea

2016 – 2020    Glasgow, Scotland, UK (The Glasgow School of Art, BA(Hons))

2020 –               Seoul, Republic of Korea


Painting, Installation, Architecture, Interior Design, Space Design.