Sights and Sounds of Isolation is a collaborative project that aims to curate together our collective creative output during the course of the lockdown. Anyone is invited to submit – this could be a film or photograph of what you’re looking at day after day, an audio recording from your daily walk, an artwork, or a poem – any and all contributions are welcome. It could be a finished work, a work in progress or the simplest start of something – from a full soundscape to a three-second audio clip of a dripping tap. We would like to bring all of these together and use them in a series of different projects, curated together in an online documentation of everybody’s lockdown outputs.

The project’s first collaborative outcome has been a video composed of film and audio clips contributed by Tinderbox Collective participants and edited together to create a snapshot of our collective experience in isolation. Since then we have been experimenting on a smaller scale – using sound to inspire image, and image to inspire sound, and playing around with poetry and improvisation to create new, collaborative ways of making work together from a distance.

Please visit the project website HERE to view recent projects and submission details.

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