At the beginning of the year, The Highlanders’Museum (Queen’s Own Highlanders Collection) appointed SSA member Robyn Woolston as Artist in Residence. Robyn has been working with the World War One collection of objects, photographs and documents to produce an exhibition of artwork including contributions from Ardersier Primary schoolchildren.

The Artist in Residence worked with the First World War archive to bring to life some of the interesting stories and characters which exist in the original letters, diaries and photographs kept by Highland soldiers during the conflict. The aim of the Artist in Residence Programme and Exhibition is to help the children and adults to understand what life was like for a Highland soldier on the battlefront during the conflict.

Summer Has Been Turned To Winter By The Guns
at The Highlanders’ Museum (Queen’s Own Highlanders Collection)
8th October 2017 – 18th March 2018

To find out more about the residency please visit:

Anatomical Heart, embroidered on to Uniform Jacket by Robyn Woolston

Robyn Woolston working with local School Children

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