Professional member Kirsty Lorenz is presenting her first solo exhibition at The Scottish Gallery.

Kirsty is a visual artist working in Fife, for whom flowers are a central subject, depicting them in different ways and contexts through painting, drawing, mixed media and video installation. Votive Offerings is her current and ongoing project. Begun in 2014, it is a series of portrayals of wildflower posies she is making and leaving around Scotland, and further afield. The work explores the motif of the posy as a gift, prayer or message, as well as the poetics of the act of making and leaving the posies in different environments or locations. In her new exhibition, Kirsty has included Offerings collected in Orkney and Fife, as well as a new series of bouquets of wildflowers inspired by 18th-century artist Mary Delany.

The Blessing of the Rain, Kirsty Lorenz
The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh
6 – 30 Jun 2018

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