Allan J. Robertson



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The Old Pier, Watercolour on Card, 26 x 26cm

Hove Pier, Oil on Canvas, 100 x 100cm

Behind The Shadows, Oil on Canvas, 65.5 x 127.5 x 5cm

Industrial Horizon I, Watercolour & Ink on Paper, 61 x 73.5cm

Industrial Horizon II, Watercolour & Ink on Paper, 61 x 73.5cm

Industrial Horizon III, Watercolour & Ink on Paper, 61 x 73.5cm


I am interested in the architectural structures throughout our landscape, both the industrial and the urban and how they vie with nature, the environment, and other manmade forms.
What draws my attention to the object is its surface, the colours on its planes, the textures and the materials of which it is made. I also consider how it is situated in the landscape and the real and imaginary histories and stories which surround it.
I want to explore and investigate the transference of the visual experience to the painted surface.
My aim is to invoke an atmosphere capturing reminisces and bygone memories of the object and reflecting its impact on the viewer.


Graduated: Edinburgh College of Art 2009 BA [Hons]
Leith School of Art: 2004 – 2005 Foundation
Based in Edinburgh

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