Archie Ramsay


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FAMILY - is a father, mother, son, and child not yet born. The children are gold with the mother holding her son close and father dearly wishing for a daughter. The spirit of the child is watching from above for the time when it may join the world of flesh and the lower mechanicals are of sex drive, birthing, family circle and the lens of love.

LOVEBIRD - sadly is not doing so well in todays feathered mating game and seriously thinking he might just as well go home.

SOUL CITY - Hovering above the atmosphere in Earth orbit Soul City is an etherial retreat for sanctuary serenity and soliloquy. Where personal revelation becomes possible as the World beneath goes by.


HYPNOCAT - Don't look at Hypnocat too long or you will become mesmerised, and she will entrance you into giving her lots of cat treats and make you sit and stroke her all day long.

ROMANTICS - Princess and Old Faithful are trying out something called romance. Princess is a high ranking Earthstar Ambassador programmed with all known galactic languages and multi-world diplomacy. Yet she can’t help admiring Old Faithful, because he is such a humble, totally honest, downright dedicated droid… rare qualities that Princess finds absolutely irresistible.


My assemblies are made from recycled items, found objects, machine parts and natural materials. A family heritage of engineering is reflected in the making and
I often begin with my big idea then find the parts coming together tell me how to craft the object for real. I aim to be constructive and authentic, juxtaposing junk and technology with spiritual ideas, comparative reality and some humour. I hope you like the sculptures and obtain something from them.


I use the mediums of assemblage and technology to express ideas and normally form smaller scale sculptures although have constructed two metre tall for the public arena. Previously I worked in manufacturing industry, government agency, and disability charity. I was born in Scotland and I took my higher education through the Open University.