Celia Garcia

Website: http://www.celiagarcia.co.uk

Email: celia@celiagarcia.co.uk

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Formation I, 100 Jesmonite plaster casts, 60x60x4 cm

Formation I, 100 Jesmonite plaster casts, 60x60x4 cm

Untitled, Various fabrics, wax, bleach, coffee, tea, thread. Photo by Leo Plumb.

Untitled, Various fabrics, wax, bleach, coffee, tea, thread

Quotidian, Photograph, 110x78 cm

Tiergarten, Photograph, 68x51x0.5 cm


My work explores, questions, uncovers and celebrates the everyday. Our whole existence takes place in everyday life, a constructed realm of routine and normality defined by our significant others; all that we take for granted. As Henri Lefebvre stated: “Man must be everyday or he will not be at all”.

My latest work observes the inherent need of human beings to externalise their experiences; they are Everyday Remnants. I am inspired by seemingly insignificant repeated behaviours such as specific food preparation or vitamin intake. I pause, reflect and work my way back to the source of motivation which is unexpectedly profound, enjoying this duality with the mundane everyday action.

Using formations of multiples across various media, I produce aggregates of Everyday Remnants which celebrate the plurality of humankind: “Man’s uniqueness his non-repeatability, is an ontological fact” (Agnes Heller). At first glance, each multiple may appear the same, however on closer inspection each one is unique, the continual repetition echoing daily routine.


Celia Garcia is a contemporary artist based in Glasgow who explores the everyday as a framework for routinised behaviours, agency and experiential narrative. Working across photography, drawing, casting and printmaking, aesthetically her work often engages repetition, seriality and the multiple.

A lecturer in Contemporary Art Practice at City of Glasgow College, she curated annual student exhibitions at Glasgow Project Room from 2011-2013 and was awarded an Art Foundation Commission for the New College Campus in 2016.

A graduate of Glasgow School of Art’s Fine Art Photography, she returned to GSA recently completing a Master of Research in Creative Practices examining the links between an everyday creative practice, agency and sustained wellbeing.