Damian Henry

Website: http://www.damianhenry.com

Email: damianhenry@hotmail.co.uk

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Modern Couple

Cat Lucy

Look who just walked in




My inspiration comes from everyday life: couples in bars, girls in cafes, a dog in the park, flowers on a table. For me there is something special in the everyday. I want to make the commonplace into something noteworthy, memorable. I enjoy both the technical & creative process of etching or lino for its strong graphic quality.


Born 1969, Glasgow, Scotland
1987 - 1990, University of Edinburgh
1995 - 1999, Glasgow School of Art

Working at Glasgow Print Studio.
Exhibited in Scotland, America and Canada, with a total of 20 solo shows, including 3 in Connecticut and 2 in New York City. He is a third generation artist. His grandmother studied sculpture at Sheffield Art School in the 1920s.


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