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'Mustard' - Reclaimed Wood Metal Resin Acrylic - 15.5 x 22cm

#TM86sovetskaya [1500] - Solo Show in Azerbaijan

tm86WHITE - Reclaimed Wood, Resin, Acrylics - 55.5 x 48.5cm

#TM86sovetskaya [1500] - Solo Show in Azerbaijan

#tm86ORIGINS - Reclaimed Wood, Resin, Acrylics - 15.5 x 22cm

tm86WHITE[12] - Reclaimed Wood, Resin, Acrylic - 15.5 x 22cm


TM86’s aim is to bring new meaning to discarded objects that have spent their entire life supporting and in the background but never deemed as art. Endearing qualities and flaws in objects create an emotional connection that showcase imperfections as strengths. The idea of ‘glamourizing’ or selecting items that still have dirt and grime provide TM86 with a canvas for painting and shaping. This artistic process not only breathes new life into an otherwise discarded object, but also preserves its history and memories.


TERRIBLEm86 is a Glasgow based international artist specializing in mixed media and installation art. TM86 graduated in 2008 from Toronto based York University with a Specialized Honour’s Degree in Graphic Design. Since 2008 he has created work in Vancouver, Jeffrey’s Bay (South Africa), London, Glasgow, and Baku.


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